More About Me

As a self-motivated and diligent Real Estate Broker, Susan will guide you in one of your most important financial decisions while making the experience fulfilling and memorable. Born and raised in Chicago, Susan grew up in Logan Square and has an intimate understanding and familiarity with the city having worked and lived within it all her life. As such, she offers invaluable market insights that aid in finding the best deals and prospects for her clients. Whether looking to buy, sell, or invest in a property, you can rest assured that she will devote every effort to delivering excellent results and always look out for YOUR best interest. Getting things done and done right is the epitome of her diligent client care as she endeavors to make your dreams a reality.

Susan's degree in Economics laid a strong foundation for her career in real estate and aids her in valuation, negotiation, decision-making, and finding the future potential of a given investment property. Her rich customer service experience having worked as a concierge at a luxury hotel downtown enhanced her ability to deal with dynamic situations by always being prepared for any eventualities. It also sharpened her interpersonal skills as she is able to connect with people from all walks and understand their individual needs. Adept at getting the impossible done, Susan treats her clients with respect, compassion, and patience, taking her time to listen to their desires/ concerns and match them with creative yet thoughtful solutions. She demonstrates the highest level of integrity and professionalism in every transaction and is intentional about facilitating her clients’ success. Her goal is to exceed expectations by ensuring a smooth process from first contact to the closing table.

Leveraging her skills and expertise, Susan carefully structures deals to ensure buyers find their perfect homes within their budget and sellers get the best price for their property within the shortest turnaround time. Investors benefit from her unique insight on how to get the best return on their investment. Susan will always go the extra mile in making sure you have a complete understanding of each step of the real estate process. She is also active in the community and loves volunteering at Paws, her local food pantry and the local Chamber of Commerce chapter where she is a member. Make Susan your go-to broker, and you can be sure she will not rest until you successfully transition to the next chapter of your life.